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I’m Nancy, I live in Michigan near Lake Michigan and all the wonderful orchards. I’m not going to admit just how many years I have been baking and cooking but it’s more than a few! I not only plan on sharing many great recipes but tips to make it as easy as possible. I cook from scratch and use very few pre-made items. I love visiting farmer’s markets!


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    • That’s so nice of you to say! Thank you! I might suggest, just save recipes from the blog to your Pinterest boards…that’s why we are including the Pinterest pictures right on the blog.

    • Thank you Shaun! I’m glad you are loving our blog! We are working really hard to bring wonderful and delicious recipes from our kitchen to yours! Thank you for your comment, we really appreciate the feedback! ~ Terri

    • Thank you Orion! We really do hope everyone enjoy’s what we create. I hope you follow the blog and we are hoping that everyone shares and repins our Pinterest photo’s. We thought it would be nice to save everyone’s time and offer the Pinterest ready pins. I have cooked and baked forever. I had a deli for a few years too, that was fun! Nancy

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