This Asian style burger is now on the top of my list of favorite burgers. It’s got the flavors of Asia and a great sauce. 


Cherry Nut Bundt Cake

This is a fun cake to make for special occasions and it looks so pretty on your plate. It’s so good.  It’s been a favorite cake of mine for a long time. I particularly like the explosion of flavor when I bite into a chunk of maraschino cherry.

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Super Fudgy Brownies

I am happy to finally be able to post again. The absence was my own fault, I tried to add some things to the blog that didn’t work. I had no idea what I had done wrong and it wasn’t the simple fix I tried. I got mad at me, the blog and the rest of the world. But now I have back, most of what was missing, so here we go……Back to something I know more about, cooking and baking!

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Moist Tropical Fruit Quick Bread

Orange, pineapple and banana blend together and make a great tropical  fruit quick bread. Moist and tender, this bread is my favorite to go with chicken salad. We eat a big variety of salads in the summer and it goes great with just about all of them. Maybe too good, I keep having to make double batches!

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Roasted Chicken Salad with Dried Cherries

There are many chicken salad recipes floating around and I have tried many of them. Most are lacking in flavor. I’ve had many people say that most chicken salad is bland, dry and just plain boring.  That’s sad, chicken salad doesn’t have to be given that bad reputation. It is one of my favorite foods and I hope you give my favorite chicken salad a try. I promise, it is wonderful! Continue reading

Potato Salad – the Classic Recipe

It’s time! The time of year when I really get into the Spring and Summer foods and what could be more important than a good, basic potato salad? This is the salad that I grew up eating and that I made when we had the deli. I know everyone has their favorite that they could make in their sleep, one that they can make adjustments in quantities automatically for the number of people they need it to serve and this is mine. Continue reading