Chocolate Fruitcake with Dried Fruit and Baked Multiple Ways

Recipe titles can be hard. I couldn’t think of any other way to describe this recipe, because I wanted to emphasize that there are options on how you bake it.  I was in the mood to experiment, wanting to see what would work best. I’ve made this recipe as regular fruitcake in the past, but for many, fruitcake seems to have become a dirty word… there’s just too many jokes about it.  Besides that, I am not sure that this really is a fruitcake. It has plenty of  fruit, nuts and rum, but it also has plenty of cake, and the cake is nice and soft. Such a dilemma…what to call it? First, let me show you what I ended up with:

Chocolate Fruitcake with Dried Fruit and Baked Multiple Ways
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Spanish Bar Cake

Spices, applesauce, raisins and cocoa combine to make one very moist cake! It is so good and brings back many memories for me.
This cake is an old family favorite from the A+P stores where I grew up. Mom would buy one as a special treat. I decided to try making it years ago when I saw a recipe that sounded good. The recipe wasn’t quite right so I have improved it every time I’ve made it. I think it is perfect now, right down to looking like the original. I hope you enjoy it too! Does it bring back any memories for you?
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Fresh Apple Gooey Cake

Apple season is here and is without a doubt my favorite time of year for cooking. I put it that way because I don’t want summer to get mad at me. I love summer for many other reasons!

Not only do I love apples but I also love pumpkin and all the comfort foods that I get hungry for as the temperatures cool off. We are planning a pretty big variety of wonderful fall foods, soups, meats, side dishes, casseroles, breads and of course our favorite fall desserts.

So get ready, this is the first of the fall recipes that I am posting, Terri has a bunch too. You will notice that Terri and I are taking turns at posting to this blog.

Have you noticed that there are two Pinterest ready pictures located under the recipes?  We are doing this to help you pin an already enhanced pin to your boards, without you having to spend all the time it takes to make a good pin.
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