Potato Salad – the Classic Recipe

It’s time! The time of year when I really get into the Spring and Summer foods and what could be more important than a good, basic potato salad? This is the salad that I grew up eating and that I made when we had the deli. I know everyone has their favorite that they could make in their sleep, one that they can make adjustments in quantities automatically for the number of people they need it to serve and this is mine. Continue reading

Hot German Potato Salad

The grandmother of a close friend showed me how to make this potato salad many years ago. I never had a written recipe, until now. It was just one of those things you made by tasting as you went. Adjusting everything for the amount of salad you needed. But I felt it necessary to finally measure as I made it the other day, just so that I could share it on this blog. 
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Fruit Salad Deluxe

I have a serious weakness for fruit of all kinds.  This fruit salad is one of the best ways to enjoy fruit, anytime of the year. It is a great salad for potlucks, holidays and family get togethers, I call it the perfect, any occasion, recipe.

Fruit Salad Deluxe


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Apple Cabbage Slaw with Dried Cherries and Walnuts

Coleslaw is one of my favorite types of salads. I make it quite often and usually keep a head of cabbage on hand for whenever the mood strikes. Sometimes plain is fine, but there are times when I get into playing around with it. Today’s recipe is one of those times.
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Pear Salad with “55” Dressing

This is a salad that I have made my own. I had the original version at a restaurant, years ago. The restaurant is no longer in business, but I think this comes as close as I’ll ever get. The dressing to this salad is key, it is tangy, salty, sweet and not only complements the pears but also works with many other salad combinations. I have used it with grilled chicken on a big salad and I liked it almost as much as on a side dinner salad. But with pears, it is supreme!

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