Cheese Soup ~ Rich and Creamy

 I tried this recipe at the request of one of my blog readers who remembered it from a little restaurant that I wrote about a few weeks ago. I have a cookbook from the restaurant, Helen’s Tea Room in Pasadena, Texas. This cookbook is full of little treasures and this is one of them. I have no idea if the restaurant still exists but I know it had many fans.Cheese Soup ~ Rich and Creamy

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Special Crab Bisque

Rich and creamy, this Special Crab Bisque is a soup I only make on special occasions. It is totally worth a splurge! I’ve made it during the holidays, Valentine’s dinner and for birthday’s. Real crab is the way to go…actually, it’s the only way to go…

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Bacon and Navy Bean Soup

Bacon and Navy Bean Soup will warm you up. The cold weather that much of the US is experiencing, calls for comfort food.  The smell of it will set off your taste buds, long before the first spoonful. There’s a reason that the bean with bacon soup in that red and white can has been popular for many years. I ate it as a kid with a grilled cheese sandwich all the time. Today, I won’t touch it, not when I can make my own delicious soup that is 100 times better.

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Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup

Dinner in a bowl, what could be better? When there is something in that bowl that is yummy, warm, filling and comforting, it’s a great dinner. I made this soup on a very cool, dreary day. It took care of my hunger, improved my mood and had a wonderful flavor. I didn’t skimp on anything, it’s full of veggie’s and beef.

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