Cherry Turnovers with Almonds

There’s no hunting for the cherries when you make these cherry turnovers. I think a good cherry turnover should be bursting with cherries. So…. I make my own filling. Problem solved!
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Almond Butterhorns

I simply cannot get over how good these Almond Butterhorns are. I had to freeze the extras so that I wouldn’t just keep eating them. I took some to my 94 year old mother and she loved them too. My friend, Kim,  gave me the recipe that was from an 81 year old friend of a friend. Kim knew it was the type of recipe I would love and she was so right! It is not a difficult recipe but you do need to start the day ahead.

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Almond Cherry Biscotti

For the last few years I’ve been making some kind of biscotti at Christmas time. I usually go for the sweet cookies but decided to try it,  I loved it…dunked in a cup of hot, good coffee. I’ve been making it every year since. This recipe with almonds and dried cherries is my favorite.

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