Hot German Potato Salad

The grandmother of a close friend showed me how to make this potato salad many years ago. I never had a written recipe, until now. It was just one of those things you made by tasting as you went. Adjusting everything for the amount of salad you needed. But I felt it necessary to finally measure as I made it the other day, just so that I could share it on this blog. 
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Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes Deluxe

There’s always potatoes in my pantry, usually several different kinds. We really love potatoes and I make them many different ways. I like certain types for different uses. The Yukon Gold potatoes are my favorite for mashed. The texture is creamy, they have a buttery taste and they even hold well if you need to make them a day ahead of time.

Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes Deluxe

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Bacon Wrapped Meatballs with Maple Dipping Sauce

Meatballs in some type of sauce, seem to show up at every party. I’m excited to share this recipe with you. I’ve played with it and think it’s perfect now. The meatballs are tender and the maple sauce has chili sauce and soy sauce in it, for a great sweet and tangy flavor.  I like to use a good applewood smoked bacon for a little extra yumminess. If you like meatballs, this is the recipe to try.

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Bacon and Ham Quiche

Quiche rates right up there as one of my favorite foods. I’ve tried many different recipes and this one is one of the best! The bacon and ham combo is perfect with a little green onion. I have been known to go pretty heavy on the bacon….just because! Yeah, I love bacon. Overnight guests always love it when you pull a quiche out of the oven.
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Bacon Lovers Hot Corn Dip

When I took this dip to a party, it was a new recipe that I had never made before. Brave soul that I am, I went ahead and doubled it, just because I wanted enough, if it did go over.  Bacon and corn….was there going to be any doubt?  No! The dish got scraped clean. Everyone loved it. I couldn’t wait to make it again for the blog, so here it is….

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Bacon and Navy Bean Soup

Bacon and Navy Bean Soup will warm you up. The cold weather that much of the US is experiencing, calls for comfort food.  The smell of it will set off your taste buds, long before the first spoonful. There’s a reason that the bean with bacon soup in that red and white can has been popular for many years. I ate it as a kid with a grilled cheese sandwich all the time. Today, I won’t touch it, not when I can make my own delicious soup that is 100 times better.

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