Apple Orchard Cider Doughnuts

So far I have made Apple Orchard Cinnamon Rolls and Apple Orchard Apple Pie and posted those recipes. When I was buying my apples last weekend, I also bought fresh apple cider. There was a long line to buy apple cider doughnuts, so I didn’t buy any. But the thought was in my head and I just had to make my own. I’m sure glad I did, these are so good, in fact they are fantastic! Cider and doughnuts, they just go together.

Apple Orchard Cider Doughnuts

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Pumpkin Cream Cheese Bread with Streusel Topping

I have held off making this until the calendar page turned to October. Every year it’s the first pumpkin recipe I make. It has wonderful pumpkin flavor and the cream cheese makes it extra moist.
The streusel on the top adds just the right amount of extra sweetness. I also love the little bit of crispness that contrasts to the bread. The streusel bakes into the bread, so it stays in place. Much better than a heavy streusel that falls off when you try to cut a slice.
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Fresh Apple Gooey Cake

Apple season is here and is without a doubt my favorite time of year for cooking. I put it that way because I don’t want summer to get mad at me. I love summer for many other reasons!

Not only do I love apples but I also love pumpkin and all the comfort foods that I get hungry for as the temperatures cool off. We are planning a pretty big variety of wonderful fall foods, soups, meats, side dishes, casseroles, breads and of course our favorite fall desserts.

So get ready, this is the first of the fall recipes that I am posting, Terri has a bunch too. You will notice that Terri and I are taking turns at posting to this blog.

Have you noticed that there are two Pinterest ready pictures located under the recipes?  We are doing this to help you pin an already enhanced pin to your boards, without you having to spend all the time it takes to make a good pin.
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