Moist Tropical Fruit Quick Bread

Orange, pineapple and banana blend together and make a great tropical  fruit quick bread. Moist and tender, this bread is my favorite to go with chicken salad. We eat a big variety of salads in the summer and it goes great with just about all of them. Maybe too good, I keep having to make double batches!

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Orange Brownies ~ Incredible!

I don’t know whether to call these brownies or bars but I do know they are incredible! Orange flavored anything has been a long favorite of mine. The brownies are very moist and there is enough fresh orange for a little zing!
Orange Brownies
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Orange Chocolate Chip Shortbread Slices

Cookie baking time is here. I wait all year and watch for interesting recipes. I have my old favorites but every year I try a few new ones that sound good. This is one of the new recipes for this year.  It’s going to be a keeper for years to come. I love orange and chocolate and this recipe has just the right amount, yet you can still enjoy the buttery shortbread flavor.
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Cranberry Orange Walnut Bread

I saw fresh cranberries last week at the grocery store and they jumped into my grocery cart. I quickly scooted over to where the oranges were and picked up some. I knew that I wanted to share this recipe, on the blog, as soon as I could. I also wanted to have this bread to eat! I’ll confess that I was eating a piece as I took the blog pictures. It’s so good. Don’t wait, make some with the first cranberries that find their way into your shopping cart!
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