Chocolate Potato Chip No Bake Cookies

This is an updated version of an old classic. No bake cookies are so quick and easy, I have made them often through the years when I get a chocolate craving. There is something about them that can’t be beat! I add potato chips for variation on the original, you just have to try them this way!

Chocolate Potato Chip No Bake Cookies

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Date and Walnut Loaf with Caramel Sauce

This Date and Walnut Loaf is totally delicious! It is moist and full of dates. I added a caramel sauce over it, as it really is more of a dessert that it is a quick bread. It is not overly sweet without the caramel sauce and since I am really into sweets, it just seemed perfect! And it is!
If you like things not so sweet, this is also terrific with some cream cheese smeared on top of a slice. That’s what my friend Ann does and it’s her recipe.
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Santa’s Helpers ~ Special Walnut Cookies

These are a special cookie for Santa’s Helper’s and don’t forget to save one for Santa too! The brown sugar cookie part is yummy and the sour cream and walnut topping is soft but crunchy. Add some drizzle and sugar glitter and you have a wonderful, special cookie!

Santa's Helpers ~ Special Walnut Cookies|Baking Blond

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Brown Sugar Fudge

Fudge!  I grew up eating it and now I live in Northern Michigan, an area known  for the fudge shops in almost every town.  I’d rather eat fudge than any other type of candy, so watch out, I have other fudge recipes to share on this blog, after all, I am not just a foodie, I’m also a fudgie!
I made this fudge a few years ago, loved it, but put it out of my mind because I loved it a little too much. So, the other day I’m thinking about the blog and I remember this fudge and how great it is.  It calls to you at the oddest times, like in the middle of the night or in the morning with a cup of coffee…. and worst of all, it call’s to you when it’s at home and you’re not. Wednesday I had to do some shopping and get my snow tires put on, I sat at the tire place and all I could think about was this fudge waiting at home. I should have put a couple of pieces in a baggie….

Brown Sugar Fudge 030  edit 10A

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Apple Cabbage Slaw with Dried Cherries and Walnuts

Coleslaw is one of my favorite types of salads. I make it quite often and usually keep a head of cabbage on hand for whenever the mood strikes. Sometimes plain is fine, but there are times when I get into playing around with it. Today’s recipe is one of those times.
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Cranberry Orange Walnut Bread

I saw fresh cranberries last week at the grocery store and they jumped into my grocery cart. I quickly scooted over to where the oranges were and picked up some. I knew that I wanted to share this recipe, on the blog, as soon as I could. I also wanted to have this bread to eat! I’ll confess that I was eating a piece as I took the blog pictures. It’s so good. Don’t wait, make some with the first cranberries that find their way into your shopping cart!
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